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Locally Made Products

It is truly amazing how many talented people of all ages and backgrounds, create and produce products of high quality and integrity in this region.

We have products by:

  • AJ Resin

  • Andrea Buckland

  • Andi Adams (Music)

  • Angelcott Productions

  • A & C Designs

  • Apothecare Skincare

  • Artisan Aprons

  • Asherah by Sentry Farm

  • Auraveda

  • Barby Luff

  • Bethany Forrester

  • Beautiful Bows

  • Briggs Boards and Furniture

  • By The Fire

  • Caravan South West

  • Country Women's Association

  • Denmark Dog Beds

  • Denmark Men's Shed

  • Denmark Fairy Doors

  • Dorothy Boardman

  • Ella Scents

  • Fish by Eli

  • Flourish Designs by Mel

  • Jo Rowling Frames

  • Harlo Flynn & Co

  • In The Loop

  • Indiamba

  • Jacob Moore

  • Jenna Elliot

  • June Smith

  • Kreative Kar

  • Lily And Me

  • Lucinda's Everlastings

  • Little Shed Studio

  • Mand Markey

  • Martin Meldrum

  • Meandering Thread

  • Merome Darvil Artwork

  • Merelyn Briggs Resin

  • Mini Mal

  • Natures Art

  • Northwood Studios

  • Ocean and Earth Spa Soaps

  • Pans' Pots

  • Peaceful Bay Beanie Co

  • Penny Bird

  • Pottery by Mel Livesey

  • Rachael's Rarities

  • Red Roof Studio

  • Renae Made It

  • Resparkled By Deb

  • Richard Keeler

  • Robin Dale Cards

  • Sentry Farm Picnic Tables

  • Sue Franz

  • Tee Bag by Sharna

  • The Floating Forest

  • Tilly Wallace Rock Art

  • Trish Thornetts Photography

  • Viviene Bruchner

  • Waxiwraps

  • Why Watches

  • Wholly Local Plants

  • Wild Forest Studio

  • Willow and Tide

Viviene Bruchner Childrens Clothing
Tinted Lip Gloss
Tradies Soap
MM1 - White.jpg
Rachel's Rarities
tee bag.jpg
Winter gloves and coat
Renae Made It
A & C Designs earrings
Andrea Buckland
Wild Forrest Studio
Resparkled By Deb
The Floating Forrest Magnesium
Natures Art designs
Wood turners
Lily And Me clay creations
Denmark WA books
Red Roof Designs
Meandering Thread childrens gifts
Lumi Studios
CWA Denmark WA
Dorothy Boardman Wool Craft
The Peaceful Bay Beanie Co
In The Loop crochet artist
Pan's Pots
Lumi Studios cards
June Smith gift cards
Hand crafted gift cards
Wes Briggs wooden boards
Resparkled By Deb furniture
Sue Franz Baby Blankets
Robin Dale cards
Jacob Moore photography
Trish Thornett Photography
Andrea Buckland cards
Glenns Wooden Boards
Lindsay Okamoto
Penny Bird clothing
Asherah Natural Beauty Products
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